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Southern Zone Real Estate of Costa Rica

Sabalo Lodge

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Welcome to Costa Rica Real Estate Listings of Southern Zone Real Estate; representing real estate in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.
Our real estate listings include but are not limited to:

Real Estate in Costa Rica continues to increase in value with no sign of the trend slowing down. The south pacific or southern zone of Costa Rica still has some of the best values for real estate in the country.

The south pacific of Costa Rica enjoys one of the few coastlines in all of Central America where the mountainous terrain of tropical rainforest extends to the sea. Here you’ll find picturesque beaches with environments reminiscent of the movie “Jurassic Park” minus the dinosaurs.* This truly is a unique and beautiful area of Costa Rica.

We are resident experts; professionals living and working in the communities that we represent. Helping you find and safely secure your “Dream Property” in the south pacific of Costa Rica is what our services are all about.

Along with our real estate listings, within this website you’ll find useful information to help you understand the dynamics of buying real estate in Costa Rica.

We invite you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail so we can help you get started on the exciting quest of owning real estate within this unique tropical treasure called the southern zone of Costa Rica.

* Some scenes of the movie series Jurassic Park were filmed in the south pacific of Costa Rica.




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